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Instructor:  Jess Koch, RVT

We offer the following courses for your canine partners, family members and handlers.

Canine Massage Therapy $75/Session

Canine massage can be one of the most effective therapies to de-stress, condition and prevent career ending injuries.  Through massage and stretching we can promote healing, circulation, strength, mobility, balance, muscle tension and improve overall well-being.  Canine Massage Therapy has be proven to be an essential part of allowing canines to work to their fullest potential.

How to give your Canine In-Home Physical Checks

It is important to keep your canine healthy and happy.  One of the best ways to prevent issues to to perform daily health checks.  Contact Black Paw Canine's Medical Director to set up your class today.  We want to keep you and your canine companion healthy for as long as possible.  

Basic Canine First Aid *call for pricing

How about starting with the basics?  Are you and your team prepared to handle an emergency with your canine?  Basic Canine first aid will prepare you from the beginning.  You will learn everything from muzzling, restrain and everyday ailments to major injuries treated in the field.  Canine CPR included.

Advanced Canine First Aid *call for pricing

Advanced canine first aid will further prepare you for major disaster and canine emergencies.  This class is designed to take your basic first aid one step further.  you will learn advanced life saving skills and Canine CPR.  This class will put skills to the test!  Must have Basic Canine First Aid prior to scheduling this class.

For more information regarding any of these courses you may contact Jess.

Office:  614-772-3504


First Aid
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