Jessica Koch, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Canine Medical Director

My passion is canine first aid and making your dog as fit and healthy and possible. I take pride in providing practical first aid care and teaching pet owners how to use basic skills to make a huge impact in their dog's life. I use my extensive background in canine first aid, canine massage therapy, canine conditioning, recovery, and general health care to educate dog owners, canine handlers, and pet lovers alike. I love animals of all varieties and have a background in small animals and exotics, but my real love is dogs and canine first aid. 


Fun fact! I'm the queen of peanut butter, all the dogs know it 🤣🤣🤣 ( kidding! )


One of my favorite pet quotes 

"Live life like someone left the gate open."

Favorite Breed

German shepherd and Hound dogs


Favorite First Aid Item

Surgical glue


Most used first aid item

Slip lead


Favorite pet thing/treat/toy

CET Chews