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Let's Talk - Canine Self Care

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - Benjamin Franklin


Canines like people need to have daily self-care checks. Self-care is crucial for physical, emotional and mental well-being. It is important for people to do routine self-exams to stay healthy and the same goes for our working canines.

Daily physical checks on your K9 partner can detect early problems and even save their life. It is especially imperative to do physical checks after long tracks, contact with suspects, and training.  It is necessary to be consistent and thorough to ensure nothing is overlooked. 

Start at the front of your K9 and work towards his/her back, no equipment required:

  • Simply observe your K9: loading/unloading, slow walking/running and overall behavior of limping or changes in their gait.

  • Eyes: clear, no discharge (can be red right after working)

  • Ears: no debris or discharge. Give a good wipe down with ear cleaning product and material as needed and especially after bathing or exposure to wet or moist conditions.

  • Mouth: check for broken teeth, swollen or bleeding gum tissue especially after bite work or suspect apprehensions.

  • Feet and nails: checking each paw for broken nails, cuts on the paw pads, burns or irritation and debris or ticks in between the toes or paw pads.

  • Skin and coat: checking for flaky/dry skin, irritation, flea, ticks, punctures, lacerations, lumps, bumps and swelling.

You are your K9s biggest advocate and doing daily physical checks will build your bond and prepare your K9 for routine vet visits.  

Contact us today to join one of our canine in-home health checks class.

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