Tom Cronenwett

Director of Operations

Master Canine Trainer

Hello, I’m Tom Cronenwett I’m a co-owner and master trainer for Black Paw Canine. I have a law enforcement career spanning over the last 27 years. I was able to be an Team Leader for a tactical unit for 14 years. While on the tactical team I was able to be a precision rifle operator and instructor in variety of topics. I teach law enforcement in the basic academy as well as advanced training. With all that said, my best times as a police officer have been as a K-9 handler. 


A bond between a dog and it’s handler is the most trustworthy bond ever formed. We work more as a team than any tactical unit. Our communication is directly wired through the leash held in my hand. He knows when I’m on my game and I know when he is on his.  


When I became a trainer with Black Paw Canine I was able to share my passion with Ben and Jess. I somedays feel I can teach a dog better than I can teach a human. All kidding aside, I was equally honored as a co-owner of this great company. When Black Paw Canine has your dog, you can rest assured your are getting the best training methods and veterinary advice on the market.