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Canine Obedience is the foundation of all the diverse canine disciplines.  The primary goal of this training is not simply respond to basic commands, but to develop a well rounded, happy, obedient and socially acceptable canine. For this to happen, Black Paw Canine utilizes patience and the dog’s natural drives to learn basic obedience and social skills.

Many times we hear that the client’s dogs were great in class but not outside the classroom environment. One thing that is true with our dogs as well as ourselves, is the old expression, “practice makes perfect”.  At Black Paw, we understand that the training that we offer is not just for the dog.  We want the owner/handler to understand that an “obedience” relationship is earned, not bought.  Our goal is that you and your furry friend can experience the world, have adventures and build lasting memories.  Our trainers implement training regimens that prepare the dog for this hectic world. We want you to enjoy that happy hour drink on the patio with friends or to go on enjoyable walks with your canine, confident in their behavior.


When you train with Black Paw Canine the worries about your canine lashing out, getting impatient and barking, or pulling you all over the place disappear.  We appreciate our clients and want you to have the best life with your canine!

Finally, we want to put one adage to rest.  You can teach an old dog new tricks!  Old habits may die hard, but it can be done. 

2023 RATES


  • In-home adult canine (1yo+) assessment for training or behavior issues start at $138 (1-1.5 hrs.)

  • Private lessons $97/hr. (assessment required first before lessons)

  • Day Training $164 (spend 6-8hr with a trainer, trainer picks up and drops off at your home and will spend 30min to an hour reviewing with you on what was worked on during the day)

Virtual Consultations

  • Call or Video consultation or virtual lesson with one of our trainers (lessons are only available after a assessment or consultation)

  • $55/hr 

Board & Train

Board & Train allows our expert trainers to have numerous and controlled repetitions.  In the end, this can save you both time and money, as this level of training is not obtainable in weekly training sessions.

Must have Level 1 skills in order to move on to Level 2.


Board & Train


Seven to Ten days, your dog will be trained in on leash obedience. (Sit, Down, Stay, walking without pulling, and recall/come command).  



After a killer Alpha Bootcamp, thanks _t

Board & Train


Ten to Fourteen days, your dog will be trained the heel command on leash and listening under heavy distractions. This is the level we recommend if your goal is to go out in public with your dog on a regular basis. (Dog must show competencies in all of the level 1 obedience skills)




Board & Train


Level three is a week and half and takes your dog to off leash obedience of all commands.  Your dog will be able to go to most public settings (patios, homes, parks...) and be well behaved and listen to your commands.



Puppy Imprinting & Lessons

The best time to start working with your canine, is… as soon as possible.   Dogs, like humans, begin to learn as soon as they become aware of their surroundings.  Habituation, (forming habits) is happening all the time.  If a behavior results in something that the puppy likes, then that behavior will be repeated.  Puppy classes are the key to starting your canine off on the correct paw. The first 8-11 weeks in the puppy’s life is critical to prevent unwanted behavioral issues in the future. Our staff truly enjoys this training and we look forward to helping you with your newest family member. 

To properly socialize your puppy to deal with its surroundings and to prevent fear, aggression, or bad behaviors contact Black Paw Canine to set up your Puppy Training Today!  Your puppy is a part of your family and deserves to be set up for success in its life and to be the best puppy it can be.

  • Puppy Training Assessments - $87 (1.5hrs) 

  • Private Puppy Lessons - $77/hr (clients only)

  • Virtual Puppy Consultation - $55/hr 

  • Puppy  Day Training - pup rides along with one of our trainers for 6-8hrs, we get the training and repetitions put onboard for you. - $115 (Our trainers will spend up to 30min reviewing the day with you upon drop off)

  • Puppy Board & Train - $1,500 (2mo - 6mo only)

Sport & Working Dogs

We have various training options to start your dog in various canine disciplines such as sport, hunting or other canine skills. - Call or Email for Pricing.

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