Upcoming events

Upcoming Events
Basic Canine First Aid
Sun, Jun 21
EGA Defense
Jun 21, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT
EGA Defense, 1570 OH-38, London, OH 43140, USA
Are you prepared to handle an emergency with your canine? Do you have a First Aid Kit for your Canine?  If the answer is no, why not? Having basic first aid skills can mean the difference between saving their life. Register for our interactive, hands-on, real-life skills, basic canine first aid.
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Beers With Black Paw
Thu, Mar 12
Facebook Live @blackpawcanine
Mar 12, 7:00 PM
Facebook Live @blackpawcanine
Does your dog shake constantly, hide behind you, yawn more than usual or give you looks of uncertainty? Most dogs require exercise for their minds and bodies to channel their energy into healthier outlets. Learn more about stress, anxiety and our solutions with our Master trainers!

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