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A Partnership for a Better Life!

Black Paw Canine can provide you with professionally trained and certified service canines that fit your needs.

We pride ourselves on placing the right canine with their handler and meeting each others needs.  They need to work with you and be your professional partner to help you lead your best life.

The service canine is chosen through the careful selection and an interview process with the new handler.  Then the canine is trained to your specific needs.  Once training is completed the new handler will receive training on the dog's capabilities and skills.​

Black Paw Canine can not only provide you with a Service Canine, but we will also provide you with continued education and training for you and your partner.

Why Invest in a Service Canine?

Service canines are not only for physical disabilities, but invisible disabilities as well.  These disabilities can range from physical to mental trauma.  People that benefit from a service canine would be a first responder, a military veteran, a violent crimes victim, and those with various medical disabilities.  These are just a few of the groups of people we recommend to look at Black Paw Canine for a highly trained Service Canine.

Sampling of Service Canine Capabilities:

  • Item retrieval

  • Wheelchair assistance

  • Turn light switches on/off

  • Anxiety

  • Medical alert

  • Mitigate reactions

  • Interrupt and redirect

  • Alert to strangers

Not only will the canine have these special skills, her or she will be a companion,
a friend and will have great obedience in your home and in public settings.

Andrea and Nala are only one of the many success stories of a Black Paw Canine Service Dog and their Handler.  Read their stories and others on our testimonies page.

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