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Special Operations is not just a military term. It defines a special skill not only inside the canine but for how they have been trained. These skills will bring an operation to a higher level of success.  Discover how Black Paw Canine can make your team more operational.

 Law Enforcement SWAT/SRT 

With extensive research of SWAT tactics and operations we have found the best program for SWAT Canine tactics. Our program is the most successful when the whole team/element is on board with the canine. The canine is a Multipurpose Canine (MPC), but its specialty is its ability to incorporate with the team, mitigate threats, and risks.


Required Skill Sets for SWAT/SRT

  • Quite at Breach point

  •  Works with flashbangs

  • Confined space

  • CQB flow with the team

  • Camera Clear (if available)

  • Heavy gun fire

  • Rope insertion/extraction

  • Tactical movement

  • Hip leash

  • Weapons Training

  • Team Tracking

  • Vehicle interdiction  


 Search and Rescue (SAR) 

A SAR Canine needs to work in adverse conditions as well as have a longer hunt drive to cover vast areas.

A SAR Handler needs to have a heightened understanding of odor flow and K9 Emergency Medicine.

Required Skill Sets for SAR:

  • Fowl weather operations

  • Rope insertion/extraction

  • Canine First Aid

  • Land Navigation/GPS

  • Survival Tools

  • Search Pattern

Military Canines

Cadaver Canines

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