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Law Enforcement


Black Paw Canine's
Law enforcement programs

Black Paw Canine Consulting prides itself on providing street ready canines.  Our staff’s extensive history in U.S. Military, Private Contracting and Law Enforcement Canine has created a comprehensive program.


If you are looking for a Single Purpose or Multi-Purpose Canine we guarantee your team will be prepared for work the day they graduate from our training program.


Single Purpose Canine

Single purpose canines are trained in odor detection (narcotics or explosives). The canine can also be trained in other special disciplines, such as tracking and article detection.

Single Purpose Canine (4-6 week program) - $8,000-$10,000

**Canine Care and Canine Emergency Medicine included with class

Multi-Purpose Canine  


Multi-Purpose Canines are trained in all aspects of the working canine. Odor detection - narcotics or explosives.  Apprehension, tracking, article search, area search and handler protection.


Multi-Purpose Canine (8-12 week program) - $13,500- $18,500

**Canine Care and Canine Emergency Medicine included with class

Training Groups

Training Groups- Call or Email for pricing

Black Paw Canine's Training group is held in numerous locations through out Central Ohio. The theory of our training group is to show how each handler and canine progress and grow at each training.  Progression is shown by challenging the dog or the handler. We keep our training groups to 10 canine teams a day. This allows for more personalized training drills and scenarios. We do offer numerous training days throughout the week.

Building a canine program and maintaining a working canine program is not an easy task. Please feel free to call us with any questions you might have.

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