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Holiday Gift Guide For Dogs

It is one of our favorite seasons and if you are like us, then your pets each have their own stockings and presents under the tree. Here are a few of our favorite things!


For the chewer in your fur family, CET chews and Benebones are a fantastic gift to keep your dog busy. CET chews are fantastic for dental health and because they are made with enzymes that help break down plaque and tartar they are easily digestible. Benebones are a great alternative because they are long-lasting but safe for rough chewers. They are also great for dental health, gotta keep those smiles shiny!

CET Chews


Puzzle Toys are a great way to have some indoor fun and challenge the mind. You can give a little snack or even feed an entire meal. Puzzle toys and feeders can encourage natural behaviors and allow your dog to explore while having an adventure. They can also help your dog, destress and decompress.

Licki Mat:

Snuffle mat:



For our fetch loving friends a new chuck it is just the ticket. You can never go wrong with a good old fashion ball and game of fetch

Chuck it:


New puppy or old friend? Treats are the perfect stocking stuffer. Training never stops and treats are always needed. Zukes are fantastic because they are small, breakable, and super tasty! You can find these guys at the local pet shop or online!


Dog treat:


Solomon Tug:


For our friends that like to stay beautiful. You can't pick better than Nooties shampoo and a new brush! This gift will keep your dog's coat healthy,shiny and smelling amazing!

Nooties Sugar Cookie Shampoo:


SleezEZ brush:


For our outdoor adventurers, let's get them something that will keep them safe and let them explore longer. It is so important to protect those feet and snout during the winter. Mushers secret and snout smoother are the perfect stocking stuffers. If you need more protection from the elements, check out some booties and a waterproof vest!

Musher's Secret:

Snout Soother:


Winter Vest:

Black Paw Canine

Master Trainers & MedicaL Staff

Here for you and your furry family members!


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